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Bahamas Death Penalty

Death Penalty News: December 1998

1. Total abolition in Bulgaria, Canada, Lithuania; 2. Sierra Leone – 24 soldiers executed by firing squad; 3. Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan – moratoria declared; 4. Pope calls for abolition; 5. USA: Conference on wrongful convictions; 6. Developments in the English-speaking Caribbean; Bahamas: two men...
Albania Death Penalty

Death Penalty News June 1996

1. Russia, Ukraine: Council of Europe demands cessation of executions; 2. AI calls on China to stop mass executions; 3. USA: New law restricts death penalty appeals; 4. South African constitution upholds death penalty ban; 5. News in brief: Albania, Bahamas, Belgium, Guyana, Libya, Sudan, USA (New...
Bahrain Corporal Punishment

The death penalty: No solution to illicit drugs

This report provides compelling evidence of the futility and injustice of trying to use the death penalty to suppress drug trafficking and abuse. Some 26 countries have responded to the drug menace by introducing laws which make drug-related offences punishable by death. Thousands of prisoners have...