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Africa Censorship and Freedom of Expression

Sierra Leone: Seven months after August’s protests which turned violent in some locations, no justice yet for those injured or the families of those killed 

Amnesty International collected testimonies alleging excessive use of force by Sierra Leonean security forces to crack down on protests which turned violent in Freetown, Makeni and Kamakwie in August 2022, in which six police officers and more than 20 protesters and bystanders were killed,...
Mozambique Censorship and Freedom of Expression

Mozambique: Arbitrary arrests, teargassing and brutal assault of peaceful protesters a violation of the right freedom of assembly

In response to the violent repression of nationwide peaceful protests to remember the fallen musician Azagaia by the Mozambican police, including beating up of protesters, teargassing and targeting organizers for their role in organizing the rallies, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for East...
Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Promotion of Inclusive and Effective Tax Cooperation at the United Nations Submission to the UN Secretary General, 78th General Assembly Session, 5-19 September 2023

States have clear obligations to cooperate effectively and fairly in order to reform global taxation with the aim of mobilizing sufficient resources to meet their respective human rights obligations, address inequality, achieve the SDGs and finance a just climate transition. A key way to achieve...