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Africa Armed Conflict

Uganda: Stop child abductions for slave soldiering

Amnesty International is concerned at the abduction of children in Northern Uganda by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), estimated at a total of 12,000 over the last 12 years. Abducted children are forced to work in appalling conditions and are used as soldiers in various conflicts. In addition,...
Armed Conflict

Child Soldiers: One of the worst abuses of child labour

This document contains Amnesty International’s recommendations that there should be an explicit inclusion of child soldiering in the proposed International Labour Organization Convention and Recommendation concerning the prohibition and immediate elimination of the worst forms of child labour.
Africa Armed Conflict

Democratic Republic of Congo: A Year of dashed hopes

Amnesty International is concerned that the change of government in the Democratic Republic of Congo has failed to end a culture of human rights abuses and impunity. Before and after it came to power in 1997 the Alliance des forces democratiques pour la liberation du Congo (ADFL) has presided over...