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Cambodia Detention

Amnesty International News, March 1993. Vol.23, No.12.

1. Central Asia: Human rights activists abducted; 2. Sierra Leone: Summary executions follow unfair trials; 3. China: The judicial massacre continues; 4. Worldwide appeals: Philippines, Iraq, Djibouti, Malawi; 5. Paraguay: Secret archives reveal prisoners’ fate; 6. Israel/South Lebanon: Over 400...
Europe and Central Asia Detention

Uzbekistan: Khazratkul Khudayberdi

Khazratkul Khudayberdi, a member of the opposition Birlik movement and of the organizing committee of Milli Mejlis, a non-violent social organization, was arrested on 9 December 1992 in Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan. He is being held in the investigation-isolation prison of the National Security...
Europe and Central Asia Detention

Uzbekistan: Pulat Akhunov

Pulat Akhunov, deputy chairman of the opposition Birlik (Unity) movement and former deputy to the USSR Supreme Soviet, was arrested on 29 July 1992 in Shakhrikhan, eastern Uzbekistan and charged with assault. AI does not normally take up cases of persons charged with such offences; however, in this...
Europe and Central Asia Detention

Uzbekistan: Babur Alikhanovich Shakirov

Babur Shakirov was arrested on 14 August 1992 in Tashkent. He is reported to be detained at the investigation-isolation prison of the National Security Service in Tashkent, charged with “calling for the overthrow of the present regime and for a civil war”. This charge may relate to Article 54 of...
Europe and Central Asia Death Penalty

Turkmenistan: Bayramgeldy Charyyev

An unofficial source reports that Bayramgeldy Charyyev, a shepherd from Gyzylarbat, Balkan region, was sentenced to death on 5 November 1991. He had been convicted of murder. The sentence was upheld on appeal in January 1992 and a petition for clemency appears to have been turned down in May. AI is...
Algeria Arms Trade

Death Penalty News June 1992

1. Resumption of executions in Pakistan. 2. Algeria: Islamists condemned to death. 3. Outcry over executions in the USA. 4. European Parliament condemns executions in USA and Iran. 5. Mexican president calls for clemency for Mexican citizen abroad. 6. Jamaica: moves to limit death penalty. 7. Mali:...
Australia Death Penalty

Weekly update service 15/92

1. Australia: Amnesty International welcomes Australian governments’ response to aboriginal deaths commission; 2. Myanmar: AI visits Thailand to interview Burmese refugees; 3. Uzbekistan: First visit by Amnesty International; 4. Italy: Amnesty International provides information to the UN Committee...