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India Discrimination

India must take prompt steps to address concerns of UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women: Amnesty International written statement to the 23rd session of the UN Human Rights Council (27 May – 14 June 2013)

In this statement Amnesty International welcomes the initial findings by the United Nations Special Rapporteur on violence against women and urges the Indian authorities to promptly take steps to address her concerns. Amnesty International shares the Special Rapporteur’s assessment of the recent...
Jordan Censorship and Freedom of Expression

Jordan: Time to live-up to international human rights commitments: Amnesty International submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review

In this submission, Amnesty International evaluates the implementation of a number of recommendations that Jordan previously accepted, including in relation to freedom of expression, torture and other ill-treatment, discrimination and violence against women, including honour killings, and foreign...
Argentina Armed Conflict

Wire, January/February 2013. Vol. 43, issue 01

1) The Agenda 2) Up front: Kuwait at the crossroads 3) Wrongs and rights in 2012 4) One man in Guantánamo: 10 years of human wrongs 5) Egypt: These walls can speak 6) Sexual and reproductive rights: My body, my rights 7) Human Rights Friendly Schools: A vision for the future 8) Nigeria: Fighting...

Gender and Torture: Conference report

Torture has been widely viewed in the past in terms of pain and suffering inflicted on a person – usually assumed to be male – in the custody of the state. However, this narrow understanding excludes many forms of severe pain and suffering deliberately inflicted on women and girls. This report...