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Angola Censorship and Freedom of Expression

Angola: Make the vote meaningful for human rights observance: Human rights manifesto for Angola ahead of the 2022 general election

On 24 August 2022, Angolans will have their fifth general election since 1992. This human rights manifesto is intended to encourage all the Angolan political parties and their candidates in this electoral cycle to provide information to the electorate on what they intend to do, and how, to tackle...
Americas Poverty

Abortion Access in Europe. Call to Action

More than 130 local and global women’s rights, human rights and sexual and reproductive health and rights organisations working in Europe, including Amnesty International, express their profound solidarity with the millions of people in the United States whose right to essential reproductive health...
Americas Discrimination

Chile: Amnesty International launches ‘Aprobar es Humano’ (Approving is Human) campaign, says new Constitution enables progress towards better quality of life

For years, Amnesty International has said that Chile needs a new Constitution because the current one, which was imposed during the regime of Augusto Pinochet, has shown that it does not contribute to reducing the inequalities, precariousness and abuses experienced by the vast majority of the...