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Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territories Unlawful Killings

Israel/OPT: No justification for deliberate attacks on civilians, unlawful killings by Israeli forces, or collective punishment of Palestinians

As a significant escalation in violence since 1 October 2015 in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) and in Israel continues, Amnesty International condemns all deliberate attacks on civilians, including Israeli civilians in the OPT, and calls on all sides to end such attacks. Amnesty...
Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territories Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Joint Statement: Surge in Israeli demolitions of Palestinian homes condemned by 31 international organizations

Thirty-one aid, faith, human rights, and development organizations are calling on world leaders to take urgent action to halt ongoing demolitions and hold the government of Israel accountable for the wanton destruction of Palestinian property and of projects funded by international aid in the...
Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territories Armed Conflict

Palestine (State of): ‘Strangling Necks’ Abductions, torture and summary killings of Palestinians by Hamas forces during the 2014 Gaza/Israel conflict

Hamas forces in Gaza committed serious human rights abuses, including abductions, torture and summary and extrajudicial executions with impunity during the 2014 Gaza/Israel conflict. To date, no one has been held to account for committing these unlawful killings and other abuses, either by the...
Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territories Armed Conflict

State of Palestine: Unlawful and deadly: Rocket and mortar attacks by Palestinian armed groups during the 2014 Gaza/Israel conflict

During the Gaza/Israel conflict in July and August 2014, Palestinian armed groups fired thousands of rockets and mortars at Israel, in many cases directed towards Israeli civilians and civilian objects, in violation of international law. The conduct of Palestinian armed groups, including firing...
Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territories Armed Conflict

Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territories: Q & A on recent developments relating to the UN Independent Commission of Inquiry on the 2014 Gaza Conflict

This Q&A includes Amnesty International’s response to Professor Schabas’ resignation and Israeli calls for the Commission of Inquiry’s as-yet-unpublished report to be “shelved”. It also considers Amnesty International’s position on violations committed during the 2014 Israel/Gaza conflict.
Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territories Armed Conflict

Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories: Statement at the 22nd session of the UN Human Rights Council

On 14 November 2012 Israeli forces launched a major military operation on Gaza, code-named “Pillar of Defense”. In the following eight days before a ceasefire was reached, some 150 Palestinians were killed. In the same period, the military wing of Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups fired over...