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Angola Censorship and Freedom of Expression

Angola: Make the vote meaningful for human rights observance: Human rights manifesto for Angola ahead of the 2022 general election

On 24 August 2022, Angolans will have their fifth general election since 1992. This human rights manifesto is intended to encourage all the Angolan political parties and their candidates in this electoral cycle to provide information to the electorate on what they intend to do, and how, to tackle...
Angola Climate change

Angola: Por um voto que conte para a observância dos direitos humanos: Manifesto dos direitos humanos para Angola alusivo as eleições gerais de 2022

Em 24 de agosto de 2022, os Angolanos terão a quinta eleição geral desde 1992. Este manifesto de direitos humanos visa incentivar todos os partidos políticos angolanos e os seus candidatos neste ciclo eleitoral a informar o eleitorado sobre o que pretendem fazer, e como, para responder às seguintes...

Myanmar: Letter on UN Education Summit [Burmese]

A joint letter sent by Human Rights Watch to 193 countries on the United Nations Transforming Education Summit countersigned by 12 organizations including Amnesty International mistakenly addressed the letter to Myanmar military general Min Aung Hlaing as the country’s prime minister. Other members...