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Asia and the Pacific Children

Pakistan: Juveniles sentenced to death

Mohammad Saleem was 13 or 14 years old when arrested, tried by a summary military court and sentenced to death. This document contains Saleem’s testimony; describes the special military courts which functioned in the province of Sindh; looks at the use of the death penalty in Pakistan in general...

Facts and Figures on the Death Penalty

This document gives figures of abolitionist and retentionist countries; changes towards abolition and reintroduction of DP; use of DP against child offenders; the deterrence argument; effect of abolition on crime rates; international agreements to abolish the DP and finally figures of the death...

International Standards on the Death Penalty

This document gives extracts of international instruments relevant to the abolition or restriction of the death penalty, arranged by subject. The texts of the relevant sections of the instruments are given in an appendix. A checklist of the restrictions and safeguards appearing in different...
Americas Children

USA: The death penalty in Texas: lethal injustice

The state of Texas carries out more executions than any other state in the USA, accounting, by the end of 1997, for 144 of the 432 executions since the resumption in 1977. The document details how procedures in Texas fail to meet minimum international standards for the protection of human rights....