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El Salvador Disappearances

El Salvador: “Disappearance”: Salvador Ubau

Amnesty International is concerned about reports of the “disappearance” of trade unionist Salvador Ubau, who was abducted on 1 September 1987 at 8.00 am in San Salvador. Five heavily armed men forced him into a white pick-up, licence plate number 87659. The authorities deny holding him and his...
El Salvador Detention

El Salvador: Fear of torture

Amnesty International has received reports that in the early hours of 20 June 1986, uniformed members of the Salvadorian National Police searched, without having produced a warrant, the homes of several leaders and members of SUCEPES in the capital San Salvador and detained José Antonio GARCIA and...
Human Rights Defenders and Activists

Voices for freedom

This book speaks for freedom. It tells the stories of prisoners of conscience and people facing torture or death at the hands of the state. It tells also of the countless men and women who have spoken out in their defence. Spanning two and a half decades of contemporary history and sketching a...