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Africa Censorship and Freedom of Expression

South Africa (Bophuthatswana): Hostages to a rightwing agenda: Human rights violations against Bophuthatswana residents on the eve of the South African elections

This report describes AI’s concern about increased repression in the nominally independent “homeland” of Bophuthatswana as a result of the authorities’ refusal to participate in the 1994 elections. Practically anybody attempting to organize or participate in election-related events is subject to...
Africa Censorship and Freedom of Expression

South Africa (Bophuthatswana): legal concern / fear of torture: Kgabo Matlala, Betty Phetoe, Mr Mthunsi (first name unknown), all students at the University of Bophuthatswana (UNIBO), and some 10 youths arrested in Itsoseng

On 8 March 1994 students of the University of Bophuthatswana decided to boycott classes until the authorities agreed to participate in South Africa’s elections. At least 40 students were injured when police forced their way onto campus on 9 March. Three students, Kgabo Matlala, Betty Phetoe and Mr...
Americas Censorship and Freedom of Expression

Guatemala: death threats / fear for safety: Nineth Montenegro, Byron Morales, Nery Barrios, Armando Sanchez, Perci Mendez, Ernesto Bol, Carlos Enrique Lobos and Adolfo Hector Ortiz Barrera

There have been reports that the first seven people listed above have been threatened with death if they do not leave Guatemala within 48 hours. The eighth has suffered a recent grenade attack on his home. The threats were reportedly made in a letter delivered on 2 March to the offices of the...
Benin Armed Conflict

Trade Unionists Action 1994: Appeal cases

This document contains cases from eight countries which illustrate the type of human rights violations suffered by trade unionists around the world. They are: Turkey: Munir Ceylan convicted for calling workers to action on human rights; Colombia: Wilson Monsalvo Navarro and Elmer Charris Alvarez...