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Albania Armed Groups

The Wire, December 2004. Vol. 34, No. 11.

1) USA shows contempt for human dignity 2) A bitter wind in Bhopal 3) Protecting migrant workers’ rights 4) Women, HIV/AIDS and human rights 5) Fighters target women in the Central African Republic 6) Worldwide appeals: Kenya: Continued impunity for police brutality; Lebanon: A decade in detention;...
Europe and Central Asia Armed Groups

Open Letter: On the occasion of the EU Summit 4-5 November 2004 adopting the Hague Programme “strengthening freedom, security and justice” in the EU

In this document, Amnesty International takes the opportunity to address the European Council with a critical reflection on the human rights content of the Hague Programme due to be adopted this week as a five-year policy framework designed to “strengthen freedom, security and justice” in the...
Asia and the Pacific Armed Groups

Republic of Korea (South Korea): Open Letter to newly elected Members of the 17th National Assembly: a historic opportunity to consolidate human rights gains

In this letter to the political parties and the newly elected members of the 17th National Assembly, Amnesty International asks for a commitment to improving the human rights situation in South Korea. It lists several areas of concern where AI believes significant or grave human rights violations...
Colombia Censorship and Freedom of Expression

International Labour Organization: Amnesty International’s concerns relevant to the 92nd International Labour Conference, 1-17 June 2004

This document provides information about Amnesty International’s concerns regarding the application of some of the “core” Conventions in four member states of the International Labour Organization: freedom of association in Colombia and Zimbabwe; discrimination in Iran; and forced labour in...