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Africa Armed Conflict

South Africa: Political killings by security force “death squads” – update: Judicial Commission of Inquiry into political killings begins proceedings. (With appended “List of 71 cases of unsolved politically-motivated murders submitted to the Harms Commis

On 7 March 1990 Almond Nofela testified before the government-appointed commission of inquiry into political killings on his involvement, as member of a police anti-terrorist unit, in the 1981 abduction and murder of civil rights lawyer Griffiths Mxenge. Mr Nofela was one of the many witnesses...
Africa Detention

Senegal: Torture: the Casamance case

Between 1982 and 1989 several hundred people in Casamance region were arrested for political reasons connected with a campaign for greater autonomy; some were convicted on the basis of statements to the police which may have been made under duress. About 10 people remain in prison. The document...
Americas Disappearances

El Salvador: Further information on UA 14/90 (AMR 29/01/90, 12 January 1990) – Fear of “disappearance”: Oswaldo Antonio Alfaro Estevez, Ruben Ernesto Iraheta Abrego, Pedro Edilberto Ramirez Arias

Amnesty International has learnt that Oswaldo Antonio Alfaro Estevez was found dead in mid-November, a few days after his “disappearance”. His parents subsequently identified the body in the Morgue of the General Cemetery in San Salvador as that of their “disappeared” son. An autopsy examination...
Americas Children

El Salvador: Possible extra-judicial killings: Febe Elizabeth Velasquez, Ricardo Humberto Cestoni, Rosa Hilda Sanabria de Elias, Julia Tatiana Aguirre Mendoza, Vicente Salvador Melgar, Jose Daniel Lopez Melendez, Luis Edgardo Vasquez Marquez,

Ten people were killed and approximately 36 other people injured in a bomb attack on the offices of the Federación Nacional Sindical de Trabajadores Salvadoreños (FENASTRAS), the National Federation of Salvadorian Workers, on 31 October 1989.