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Iran Corporal Punishment

Iran: Persistent violations of human rights

Evidence collected by Amnesty International since the publication of its major report, Iran: Violations of Human Rights shows that serious human rights violations are continuing. New examples of torture, arbitrary arrest, execution and of judicial punishments which constitute torture are described....
Nepal Death Penalty

Nepal: A pattern of human rights violations

Political imprisonment is a persistent feature of Nepali life. All political party activity is banned. There are usually at least 100 political prisoners in Nepal’s jails, and in recent periods of widespread protest such as the first half of 1985, hundreds of non-violent opponents of the government...
El Salvador Disappearances

El Salvador: “Disappearance”: Salvador Ubau

Amnesty International is concerned about reports of the “disappearance” of trade unionist Salvador Ubau, who was abducted on 1 September 1987 at 8.00 am in San Salvador. Five heavily armed men forced him into a white pick-up, licence plate number 87659. The authorities deny holding him and his...
Iran Children

Iran: Briefing paper

Thousands of executions since 1979, victims include juveniles / political imprisonment / arbitrary arrests / unfair trials in political cases / torture and ill-treatment of prisoners / amputations and floggings imposed by the courts