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12 inspiring human rights activists to follow in 2018

For people standing up for human rights, social media is an outlet to make their voices heard. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are all proving more and more popular when it comes to activism across the world, providing a space where people come together, exchange ideas, learn from one...
Africa Refugees

Trump: Outrage from an African ‘shithole’ nation

I heard last night that the President of the United States believes that, as an African, I come from a shithole country. Charming. Donald Trump – despite his subsequent denials – apparently insisted in a White House meeting that people from “shithole” countries, by which he means Haiti and the...
Africa Indigenous People

Kenya: Indigenous community forcibly evicted

Kenyan authorities are forcibly evicting the Sengwer Indigenous community from their ancestral home, the Embobut forest. The evictions have been carried out by the authorities in violation of the Constitution, a High Court injunction and international human rights law, through a conservation...