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East Asia Death Penalty

Taiwan: Executions reach record level

This paper describes Amnesty International’s concern about the increased use of the death penalty in Taiwan: as of 23 September, 69 people had been executed. This already exceeds the high number recorded in 1989 (68) and is a major increase on previous years. The Judicial Yuan’s...
Indonesia Death Penalty

Indonesia: The application of the death penalty

Use of the death penalty in Indonesia has increased sharply in recent years. Since the beginning of 1985, there have been 17 judicial executions. In the ten years before that there were four. Amnesty International believes that many of those executed in recent years had unfair trials. Many had been...
Estonia Asylum

The Baltic States: A summary of recent concerns

This document provides detailed information on the main concerns in the Baltic states during the period January 1995 – July 1996. Despite difficulties in obtaining up to date and accurate information on prisoners under sentence of death, it is known that several death sentences were passed in...
Asia and the Pacific Death Penalty

South Korea: Nine prisoners executed

Nine convicted murderers were executed in Seoul and Taegu prisons on 29 December 1992. They were the first executions since December 1991. Some 50 prisoners are under death sentence in South Korea, mostly convicted of rape, murder and robbery. AI is concerned about the increased number of death...