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Belarus Death Penalty

Belarus: The death penalty, Belarus, and the UN Human Rights Council – more of the same? Amnesty International’s written statement to the 26th session of the UN Human Rights Council (10 – 27 June 2014)

Belarus continues to execute prisoners in strict secrecy. It is the last country in Europe and Central Asia that uses the death penalty. The Special Rapporteur on human rights in Belarus has urged the authorities to impose an immediate moratorium on death sentences and to refrain from carrying out...
South Sudan Death Penalty

South Sudan: Independence Day: Death penalty

As South Sudan prepares to celebrate its second year of independence on 9 July 2013, Amnesty International calls on the President of the Republic of South Sudan to refrain from confirming any death sentences, and to instead commute all existing death sentences. The organization also urges the...
China Death Penalty

China: Petition: Stop executions!

Using this petition, signatories can express their concern over the extensive use of the death penalty in China. China executes more people than every other country in the world put together. The petition urges the regular publication of official statistics on the total number of death sentences...
Death Penalty

Death penalty on the decline (Web Text)

Momentum is growing for an end to capital punishment after Amnesty International’s latest analysis revealed a big drop in executions. The Annual Death Penalty Statistics show a worldwide trend towards abolition with an encouraging 25 per cent decrease in executions and death sentences in...
United States of America Children

Death Penalty Satistics 2006

This document is a compilation of the annual death penalty statistics for 2006. It includes information under the following headings: Death Sentences and Executions in 2006; Facts and Figures on the Death Penalty – 1 January 2007; List of Abolitionist and Retentionist Countries – 1...
Bahrain Children

Death Penalty News – December 2006

1.) Nigeria announces commutations; 2.) First executions in Bahrain in 10 years; 3) Death penalty statistics; 4.) Saddam Hussein executed in Iraq; 5) Moratorium in Russia to continue until 2010; 6) China passes new death penalty legislation; 7.) Child offenders executed in Iran; 8) Libya...