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The death penalty worldwide: developments in 2004

This document covers significant events concerning the death penalty during the year 2004. Five countries abolished the death penalty for all crimes, bringing to 84 the number of totally abolitionist countries at year end. Scores of death sentences were commuted in Malawi and Zambia, and moratoria...
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The Death Penalty Worldwide: Developments in 2003

This document covers significant events concerning the death penalty during the year 2003. Subjects covered in this document include significant judicial decisions; the use of the death penalty against the innocent; reductions and expansions in the scope of the death penalty; moratoria on...

The Death Penalty: Worldwide developments in 1998

This document provides details of developments around the issue of the death penalty during 1998. Subjects covered include abolition, reduction in scope, moratoriums, death sentences and executions, the use of the death penalty against child offenders, international legislation, developments in the...
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USA: The death penalty in Texas: lethal injustice

The state of Texas carries out more executions than any other state in the USA, accounting, by the end of 1997, for 144 of the 432 executions since the resumption in 1977. The document details how procedures in Texas fail to meet minimum international standards for the protection of human rights....
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China: Death penalty log 1996

Amnesty International has recorded over 6100 death sentences and 4367 confirmed executions in China in 1996. A national crackdown on crime launched in April 1996 led to a dramatic increase in the number of executions, many carried out after summary trials. This document is a chronological listing...