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India Armed Conflict

Weekly Update Service 49/92

1. India: Amnesty International concerned by police killings following mosque demolition at Ayodhya. 2. India: New allegations of rape by army personnel in Jammu and Kashmir. 3. Thai government critic risks detention. 4. Syria: Amnesty International visits Syria. 5. Venezuela: Amnesty International...
France Asylum

Weekly Update Service 11/92 (includes two additions)

1. Sierra Leone: Amnesty International visit to Sierra Leone. 2. Amnesty International fears for Malawi bishops’ safety. 3. Hungary: AI urges the Hungarian authorities to investigate reports of ill treatment of detained foreign nationals (includes addendum). 4. Syria: Human rights activists...
Sri Lanka Armed Conflict

Weekly Update Service 02/92 (includes addition)

1. Syria: Prisoner of conscience released. 2. USA: USA State Governor denies clemency to life sentence appeal (Gary Tyler). 3. Zaire: Reports of invitation to Amnesty International untrue. 4. Yugoslavia: Civilians massacred by Serbian paramilitaries; reports of killings by Croatian forces. 5. Sri...
Burundi Armed Conflict

Weekly Update Service 48/91 (includes addition)

1. Cyprus: Government moves towards recognizing conscientious objection. 2. Burundi: Reports of serious human rights violations. 3. Syria: AI asks government for details on prisoner releases – expresses concern about hundreds still detained. 4. USA: Juvenile offender scheduled to be executed...
Iran Death Penalty

Weekly Update Service 16/91

1. South Africa: Amnesty International observer at appeal hearing (“Upington 14”). 2. Syria: Political prisoners reportedly released. 3. Iraq: Amnesty International team to visit Iran to interview Iraqi refugees. 3. Iraq: Amnesty International fact-finding visit to Turkey (to interview...