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Tunisia Domestic Violence

Tunisia – Stop punishing survivors

Tunisia’s reputation as a leader on women’s rights and gender equality in the region rings hollow when the law still allows rapists to get away with their crimes. She was raped. To protect her honour now she has to marry her rapist. He was assaulted, now he stands accused of sodomy. In Tunisia, if...
Tunisia LGBTI Rights

Challenging Tunisia’s homophobic taboos

The case of a 22-year-old student sentenced to one year in prison for engaging in “homosexual relations” has finally sparked public debate on same-sex relations in Tunisia. Yesterday, the Minister of Justice Mohamed Salah Ben Aissa made a ground-breaking public call for the decriminalization of...
Armed Conflict

33 human rights wins to celebrate this year

It’s been a busy year for Amnesty International with positive changes taking place around the world. Laws have been rewritten, awards have been won, prisoners of conscience released and our supporters have continued to campaign with passion to ensure people can live free from torture, harassment or...