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Algeria Arms Trade

The Wire, August 2006. Vol. 36, No.7.

1) South Korea exploits its migrant workers 2) Activists under attack in the Philippines 3) Prisoners of conscience released in Equatorial Guinea 4) Algerian intelligence agency routinely uses tortures to obtain ‘information’ 5) Journalists attacked in Azerbaijan 6) Worldwide appeals:...
Iran Censorship and Freedom of Expression

Iran: Further information on fear of torture and ill-treatment / incommunicado detention/death sentence and new concern: imminent execution

Zamel Bawi had his death sentence confirmed on 10 June 2006. New reports suggest that Imad Bawi has been sentenced to 25 years’ imprisonment, Mohsen Bawi to 30 years’ imprisonment and that the case of Moslem Bawi has been referred to a juvenile court. Hani Bawi was reportedly sentenced...
Afghanistan Children

Death Penalty News: September 2001

1.) China dramatically increases executions; 2.) Russian President supports moratorium; 3.) Shariah courts in Nigeria pass death sentences by stoning; 4.) Death sentence for blasphemy in Pakistan; 5.) China accused of organ harvesting; 6.) Public hangings in Iran; 7.) News in brief : Afghanistan;...