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Iran Death Penalty

Iran: Drug-related executions surging in Iran

Fears are mounting that thousands of people have been sentenced to death and are at risk of execution or are facing investigations or prosecution on capital drug-related offences, amid a horrific surge in executions in Iran. In 2023, at least 481 people were executed for drug-related offences –...
Drugs and Human Rights

UN Human Rights Council: Intersessional panel discussion on human rights challenges in addressing and countering all aspects of the world drug problem: oral statement

Amnesty International welcomes the report of the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights relating to drug control (A/HRC/54/53), which provides further account of the widespread human rights violations facilitated by punitive drug policies, and its recommendations to transform ineffective...

UN: The impact of punitive drug policies on economic, social and cultural rights: Submission to the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights on the annotated outline for a General Comment

Amnesty International welcomes the opportunity to provide preliminary observations to the annotated outline circulated in the context of the upcoming General Comment on the impacts of drug policies on economic, social and cultural rights to be developed by the Committee on Economic, Social and...
Drugs and Human Rights

UN: Comments to draft General Recommendation N. 37 on racial discrimination in the enjoyment of the right to health: Submission to the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

This joint submission provides evidence of the role of drug laws and policies as a driver of discriminatory policing and incarceration, and of how this leads to the violation of the right to be free from racial discrimination in the enjoyment of the right to health. The submitting organisations...