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Africa Asylum

My Sudan

Memories of life before war in Sudan Its been one year of conflict in Sudan. The people of Sudan feel forgotten as their country falls into a rampant spiral of violence and suffering. Life for many people in the country is no longer the same.
Nigeria Armed Groups

Ten years on: The women of Chibok speak out

The girls who are rebuilding their lives I am one of the abducted Chibok girls. It was painful to be separated from my parents. My captors did a lot of things to me and the other girls. We were beaten, shouted at – there’s nothing that they didn’t do to us. While they didn’t force […]
Middle East and North Africa Censorship and Freedom of Expression

Saudi Arabia to be appointed chair of UN’s gender equality forum amid ongoing assault on women’s rights 

Ahead of the expected announcement that Saudi Arabia will be appointed chair of the UN women’s rights forum at the annual meeting of the UN Commission of the Status of Women today, Amnesty International’s Deputy Director for Advocacy, Sherine Tadros, said: “The Commission on the Status of Women has...