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Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Promotion of Inclusive and Effective Tax Cooperation at the United Nations Submission to the UN Secretary General, 78th General Assembly Session, 5-19 September 2023

States have clear obligations to cooperate effectively and fairly in order to reform global taxation with the aim of mobilizing sufficient resources to meet their respective human rights obligations, address inequality, achieve the SDGs and finance a just climate transition. A key way to achieve...

Oral statement – General debate item 2

This is the oral statement of Amnesty International delivered at the General debate on ITEM 2 of the UN Human Rights Council’s 52nd session from the 27 February 2023 – 4 April 2023.
Asia and the Pacific Censorship and Freedom of Expression

Amnesty International’s statement to the United Nations Human Rights Committee on the occasion of the review of Sri Lanka, 6 March 2023

Honourable Committee members, We thank you for this opportunity. Amnesty International would like to highlight three main concerns raised in our written submission to the Committee about Sri Lanka’s compliance with the Covenant, namely: the crackdown on protests including the police’s use of...
Middle East and North Africa Disappearances

Morocco: Submission to the UN Committee on the protection of the rights of all migrant workers and members of their families: 36th Session, 27 February – 6 April 2023

Amnesty International is deeply concerned at the treatment of migrants and refugees in the Ceuta-Melilla border region by both Spanish and Moroccan police and border officials and the ongoing risk they face of serious violations of their human rights in that location.