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COVID-19 deaths occurred disproportionately among older people and in immigrant communities. Despite the pandemic, authorities carried out hundreds of evictions.
Iraq Refugees

Sweden: Sweden must stop forced returns to Iraq

Amnesty International has received credible reports that the Swedish authorities are planning to forcibly return several individuals whose asylum claims have been rejected to Baghdad, Iraq, on 19 January 2011. Their lives could be at real risk in Iraq.
Eritrea Refugees

Sweden: Forcible return/torture: Terhas Mlash Abraha (f)

The Swedish authorities are preparing to forcibly return asylum-seeker Terhas Mlash Abraha to Eritrea, where she would be at risk of arbitrary detention and torture because she evaded compulsory military service; and also for seeking asylum abroad, which the Eritrean authorities regard as betrayal...
Eritrea Refugees

Sweden: Deportation / Torture: Jamil Mohammad Burhan (m)

The Swedish authorities are preparing to deport asylum-seeker Jamil Burhan to Eritrea, where he would be at real risk of being detained and tortured simply for having applied for asylum, which the authorities regard as betraying the country. Sweden is a state party to a number of international...