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The government suspended its invasive COVID-19 tracing mobile application which risked the right to privacy. Violence against women remained a serious concern. A consultation took place on a draft law on human rights in business and supply chains.
Belgium LGBTI Rights

Lets Talk About Yes

Welcome to #LetsTalkAboutYes – find out about the campaign and how to join in helping to change the world one conversation at a time. What is the problem? If someone doesn’t consent to having sex, it is rape. It’s as simple as that. However, outdated laws, widespread myths, gender stereotypes and...
Denmark  Sexual Violence

More about Let’s Talk About Yes

Creative guidance Here are some points from our Activist Toolkit, to help with creating social media posts Use a “yes means yes” approach based on enthusiastic consent. Enthusiastic consent is about ensuring all parties are enthusiastically consenting to sexual acts. The question is not whether a...