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Women and transgender people were discriminated against in law and in practice. Asylum-seekers were refused safe entry at borders and were expelled. Changes to laws to contain COVID-19 restricted freedom of expression and peaceful assembly. The government continued to undermine judicial...
Hungary Asylum

Hungary violates human rights of refugees

Hungary is violating the human rights of refugees by blocking their access to a meaningful asylum procedure on its territory. Amendments of the law criminalizing the “illegal” entry of refugees and migrants and intended to shift Hungary’s responsibility towards those in need of international...
Hungary Armed Conflict

Hungary: Vigilantes threaten Roma community

Following an anti-Roma march by the far-right Jobbik party in the village of Gyöngyöspata on 6 March 2011, three vigilante groups have been ‘patrolling’ the area harassing and intimidating Roma residents. Local Roma have allegedly been racially abused and there is fear for their safety. The...
Egypt Asylum

Hungary: Iraqi asylum seeker

An Iraqi asylum seeker based in Hungary is in immediate danger of being forcibly returned to Egypt, where he could be at risk of subsequent refoulement to Iraq. If returned to Iraq, he could be subjected to serious human rights violations.