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Austerity measures adopted over the past decade continued to erode the accessibility and affordability of health care. Allegations of torture and other ill-treatment and excessive use of force by police persisted. More pushbacks of refugees and migrants at land and sea were reported. In a historic...
Europe and Central Asia Refugees

Greece: Rescue 50 stranded refugees

UPDATE: The 50 people seeking safety, including 12 children, three pregnant women and a 70-year-old woman with diabetes have reportedly been pushed back to Turkey.  According to information provided by the Greek Council for Refugees and HumanRights360, the two legal organizations representing the...
Greece Asylum

Greece: PIKPA refugee shelter faces imminent closure

Greek authorities intend to close the open, self-organised refugee shelter PIKPA on 15 October. PIKPA has been operating in Lesvos since 2012, hosting and assisting thousands of refugees and asylum-seekers among the most vulnerable. Greek authorities must revoke the decision to close PIKPA, let the...
Greece Asylum

Greece: Syrian refugee at risk of return to Turkey: Noori

A Syrian refugee is at risk of being forcibly returned from Greece to Turkey under the EU-Turkey deal. His asylum application was dismissed on the grounds that Turkey is a “safe third country.” A decision on his appeal before Greek courts is expected within days. He is currently in police custody...
Greece Asylum

Greece: Syrian refugees at risk of return to Turkey

Two Syrian refugees are the first at risk of being forcibly returned to Turkey under the illegal EU-Turkey deal, after their asylum applications were dismissed by the Greek authorities. They are currently in police custody in the Greek island of Lesvos and at imminent risk of return to Turkey,...