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In the context of ongoing protests, at least 83 people died in two peak moments during the year (February and mid-September to end of October), many at the hands of the police, according to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR). Amnesty International verified videos...
Americas Asylum

USA: Stop U.S. abuses against Haitian people

Thousands of Haitians are traveling to the US-Mexico border to seek asylum in the U.S., with many settling in camps after being denied entry. The US government is responding with human rights violations and violence, including deportations of thousands to Haiti. These deportations put Haitians at...
Haiti Armed Conflict

Haiti: Camp residents attacked, more at risk

A woman was killed after municipal agents opened fire in order to remove street sellers from the road in proximity of a makeshift camp for displaced people in Port-au-Prince. Two other camp residents were injured by the police. Camp residents fear further violence by the municipality and the police.