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The whereabouts of government critics and pro-democracy leaders who had been arbitrarily detained since 2001 remained unknown. The authorities continued to violate the rights to freedom of expression, religion and freedom of movement. Prisoners were denied their rights to health. Thousands...
Eritrea Children

Ukraine: Asylum-seekers detained and ill-treated

Somali and Eritrean asylum-seekers and migrants are on hunger strike in protest against their illegal detention at a Migrant Accommodation Centre in Western Ukraine. They, and detainees from other countries supporting them have been threatened and beaten and are at risk of other ill-treatment.
Egypt Refugees

Egypt: Asylum-seekers and migrants risk forcible return

Fthawi Zenawi Teklealefa, Bahlbi Goytom Aynalem, Abrham Afwerki Tafele and 85 other asylum-seekers and migrants, including four Ethiopian and scores of Eritrean nationals are at imminent risk of being forcibly returned to Eritrea and Ethiopia by the Egyptian authorities. If returned, they would be...
Eritrea Refugees

Sweden: Forcible return/torture: Terhas Mlash Abraha (f)

The Swedish authorities are preparing to forcibly return asylum-seeker Terhas Mlash Abraha to Eritrea, where she would be at risk of arbitrary detention and torture because she evaded compulsory military service; and also for seeking asylum abroad, which the Eritrean authorities regard as betrayal...
Eritrea Detention

Eritea: Torture

At least 40 Muslim clerics and scholars were arrested by soldiers on 13 and 14 August 2008 in the capital, Asmara and the towns of Senafe, Adi Keyh, Tsorona, Segeneiti, Dekemhare, Foro, Hadish, and Idafalo in the coastal Red Sea region. They were arrested in the middle of the night and taken away...