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Unlawful killings, arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances and sexual violence were carried out, mainly against perceived political opponents. Freedoms of expression, association and peaceful assembly remained restricted; journalists and human rights defenders faced reprisals for their work....
Botswana Censorship and Freedom of Expression

Africa: We are facing extinction: Escalating anti-LGBTI sentiment, the weaponization of law and their human rights implications in select African countries

Across Africa, LGBTI persons face a distressing regression of progress, enduring relentless protests and formidable obstacles to their rights. This review exposes an alarming trend: the weaponization of law to target and marginalize the LGBTI community, exacerbating a deteriorating state of human...
Africa Domestic Violence

Burundi: Amend gender-based violence law

Burundi’s 2016 law against gender-based violence was a milestone achievement, bringing improved protection, including through a consent-based definition of rape and prohibiting harmful traditional practices. However, it falls short of regional and international best practice, and in some instances...

Burundi: One year on, fresh calls for journalist’s release

Burundian authorities should immediately and unconditionally release and quash the conviction of journalist Floriane Irangabiye who was arbitrarily arrested on 30 August 2022 and is currently serving a 10-year prison sentence for criticizing the government, Amnesty International, the Burundi Human...

Public debt, tax reform and the right to health in Burundi

Burundi has, over the years, been beset with civil wars, ethnic violence, poverty, and economic instability. In 2008, Burundi became so indebted that it was included on the World Bank’s list of Highly Indebted Poor Countries (HIPC). Its inclusion on the HIPC list qualified it to be admitted to...