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The State of the World’s Human Rights: April 2024

This report documents human rights concerns during 2023 in 155 countries, connecting issues at global and regional levels and looking forward to the implications for the future. States and armed groups are breaking and bending the rules of war and racism lies at the heart of some armed conflicts...

Iran: Human rights in Iran: Review of 2022/2023

This is Amnesty International’s annual report on the state of human rights in Iran during 2022/23, subdivided by key human rights themes. It is part of Amnesty International’s annual 2022/23 report on the state of the world’s human rights.

Human rights in Africa: Review of 2019

This report documents the state of human rights in the countries sub-Saharan Africa during 2019. It is composed of a regional overview and 34 country entries, subdivided by key human rights themes. Africa faces numerous human rights challenges. Protecting civilians in armed conflict, freeing human...

Human Rights in the Americas. Review of 2019

Inequality, corruption, violence, environmental degradation, impunity and the weakening of institutions continued to be a common reality across the Americas, resulting in daily human rights violations for millions of people. Several countries in the region were shaken by massive demonstrations...