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The authorities announced a state of emergency in March to combat COVID-19, giving the Prime Minister sweeping powers allowing for the detention of at least 13 journalists critical of the government and the King, and those accused of “spreading panic about COVID-19”. The COVID-19 lockdown saw a...
Central African Republic Business and Human Rights

Suggested recommendations to States considered during the 31st session of the Universal Periodic Review, 5-16 November 2018

States have noted the potential mutual benefits of creating stronger links between human rights mechanisms with a view to achieving both greater and more effective implementation of human rights obligations and commitments on the ground and increased accountability for delivering the Post-2015...
Greece Detention

Wire Magazine October – December 2016; I welcome

The need for action to solve the global refugee crisis is summed up by what is happening in a strip of desert between Jordan and Syria known as the ‘berm’, where more than 75,000 women, men and children have been trapped for almost a year. After Jordan sealed its border with Syria in June, the...