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Afghanistan Death Penalty

Death Penalty News: March 2001

1. Caribbean Court rules against mandatory death penalty; 2. Commutations in the Philippines; 3. Opposition to death penalty in Iran; 4. Guinea: First know executions in 17 years; 5. News in brief: Afghanistan; Bangladesh; Canada; Italy; USa (Massachusetts); Vatican City State; 6. Death Sentences...
China Death Penalty

Death Penalty News: March 2000

1.Abolition in Turkmenistan, Ukraine Bermuda; 2. USA – Illinois Governor suspends executions; 3. Philippines announces moratorium; 4. Pope again calls for abolition; 5. Moratorium petitions aim for 10 million signatures; 6. Saudi Arabia executes man for sorcery; 7. News in brief: China – in the two...
China Death Penalty

Death Penalty News June 1995

1. Moves towards abolition (South Africa: Court ruling; Spain: Congressional vote; Papal encyclical; Iran: Parliament rejects draft law proposing death penalty for profiteers); 2. Expansion of scope of death penalty (Cote d’Ivoire, El Salvador, Guatemala, USA); 3. China: Wide range of crimes...