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The government took several measures to control the spread of the COVID-19 virus, some of which threatened the right to privacy. Amendments to the Prison Act failed to address concerns about rights of people on death row with psychosocial or intellectual disabilities. In August, a National Human...
Asia and the Pacific Censorship and Freedom of Expression

Taiwan: Submission to the International Review Committee on the domestic implementation of the ICCPR and the ICESCR: 3rd Reports, 22-26 March 2021

This document represents Amnesty International’s submission for consideration by the International Review Committee. In this submission, Amnesty International emphasizes concerns with regard to human rights issues relating to the COVID-19 pandemic; the death penalty; refugees and asylum-seekers;...
Taiwan LGBTI Rights

Same-sex Marriage Bill in Taiwan

On 26 December 2016, Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan’s Judiciary and Organic Laws and Statues Committee passed draft amendments to the Civil Code that would legalize same-sex marriage in Taiwan. This was the first reading of the bill. It will then be referred to a party caucus for further negotiations...
India Children

Children of parents sentenced to the death penalty or executed. Written statement for the UN Human Rights Council’s panel discussion on the human rights of children of parents sentenced to the death penalty or executed, 11 September 2013

In applying the death penalty, states regularly violate the rights of children and other family members of persons sentenced to death or executed. In this statement Amnesty International will focus on the secrecy surrounding detention on death row, execution and burial, and the negative effect it...