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Puerto Rico

The authorities failed to ensure the rights of thousands of people made homeless by earthquakes in January. The number of femicides increased. For the first time, federal hate crime charges were brought following the killings of two transgender women.
Bahamas Armed Groups

Death Penalty News: May 2006

1.) Mass commutation in Philippines; 2.) 20,000 Prisoners around world in Death Row; 3.) Members elected to new UN Human Rights Council; 4.) Privy Council abolishes mandatory death sentence in Bahamas; 5.) Unlawful executions in tribal areas of Pakistan; 6.) Iran executes yet another child...
China Children

Death penalty developments in 2005

This document covers significant events concerning the death penalty during the year 2005. Two countries abolished the death penalty for all crimes, bringing to 86 the number of totally abolitionist countries at year end. Moratoria or suspensions of executions were being observed in several...
Bosnia and Herzegovina Death Penalty

Death Penalty News March 1997

1. United Nations calls for halt to executions; 2. Council of Europe condemns Russia and Ukraine for continuing executions; 3. USA: American Bar Association (ABA) demands US moratorium on executions; 4. News in brief: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Libya, North Korea, USA (Arkansas), Puerto Rico, Zaire; 5....