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The Right to Information law increasing accountability was adopted. The President commuted death sentences into life imprisonment, but courts continued to hand down death sentences, and prison conditions remained deplorable. Attacks against journalists were reported; one journalist was killed and...
Botswana Censorship and Freedom of Expression

Africa: We are facing extinction: Escalating anti-LGBTI sentiment, the weaponization of law and their human rights implications in select African countries

Across Africa, LGBTI persons face a distressing regression of progress, enduring relentless protests and formidable obstacles to their rights. This review exposes an alarming trend: the weaponization of law to target and marginalize the LGBTI community, exacerbating a deteriorating state of human...
Ghana Censorship and Freedom of Expression

Ghana: 48th Human Rights Council Session General Debate – Item 4: Human Rights Situations Requiring Attention: Statement by the International Lesbian and Gay Association

With International Lesbian and Gay Association and other human rights organization, Amnesty International would like to call the attention of the Council to the Human Rights situation of LGBTI persons in Ghana in light of the recent Anti-LGBTI draft bill being discussed in the country.