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The authorities continued to restrict the rights to freedom of expression, peaceful assembly and association. Security forces used excessive and unnecessary lethal force and killed at least 66 people. Courts made several rulings which promised to protect human rights. The authorities continued to...
Botswana Censorship and Freedom of Expression

Africa: We are facing extinction: Escalating anti-LGBTI sentiment, the weaponization of law and their human rights implications in select African countries

Across Africa, LGBTI persons face a distressing regression of progress, enduring relentless protests and formidable obstacles to their rights. This review exposes an alarming trend: the weaponization of law to target and marginalize the LGBTI community, exacerbating a deteriorating state of human...
Africa Censorship and Freedom of Expression

Uganda: Submission to the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights 77th ordinary session, 20 October – 9 November 2023

This shadow report outlines several issues of concern relating to Uganda’s implementation of the Concluding Observations and Recommendations made by the ACHPR in 2015 following its review of the State’s 5th Periodic Report. Amnesty International’s report focuses on ongoing key concerns regarding...