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The social, economic, political and human rights crisis in Bolivia which began in the aftermath of the 20 October 2019 elections continued in 2020. The crisis was exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which reached very worrying dimensions in the country, disproportionately affecting those in...
Bolivia Censorship and Freedom of Expression

Bolivia: Healing the Pandemic of Impunity: 20 human rights recommendations for candidates in the 2020 presidential elections in Bolivia

Since the elections of 20 October 2019, Bolivia has been undergoing a grave social, political and human rights crisis. During this crisis, there have been reports of human rights violations and acts of violence exacerbated at different times by the intervention and actions of the security forces...
Americas Censorship and Freedom of Expression

Bolivia: Minister Arturo Murillo must publicly clarify charges of “destabilisation” and “misinformation” against 67 people

Amnesty International is concerned about the public statements made by government minister Arturo Murillo on 15 April this year in relation to the arrest and criminal prosecution of “67 political actors” charged with participating in “destabilisation and misinformation movements” and engaging in a...
Americas Censorship and Freedom of Expression

Bolivia: Hostility against human rights defenders: Amnesty International Submission for the UN Universal Periodic Review, 34th Session of the UPR Working Group, November 2019

In this submission Amnesty International evaluates implementation of recommendations made in Bolivia’s previous Universal Periodic Review, including in relation to the Truth Commission established to investigate serious human rights violations committed under previous military governments, sexual...