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The authorities announced a state of emergency in March to combat COVID-19, giving the Prime Minister sweeping powers allowing for the detention of at least 13 journalists critical of the government and the King, and those accused of “spreading panic about COVID-19”. The COVID-19 lockdown saw a...
Jordan Refugees

Jordan: Syrian refugees must not be abandoned

Responding to the news that the Jordanian government has said it will not accept any more refugees fleeing a new offensive in southern Syria, Mouna Elkekhia, Amnesty International’s Advisor on Refugee and Migrant Rights, said: “People fleeing war in Syria are in a desperate life-or-death situation,...
Jordan Death Penalty

Jordan: execution of 15 people “horrific”

Reacting to news that Jordan executed 15 people, Samah Hadid, Deputy Director at Amnesty International’s Beirut regional office, said:. “The horrific scale and secrecy around these executions is shocking.” “This is a major step backwards for both Jordan and efforts to end the death penalty – a...