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COVID-19 deaths occurred disproportionately among older people and in immigrant communities. Despite the pandemic, authorities carried out hundreds of evictions.

China: Bookseller handed outrageous 10-year sentence must be released  

Responding to a court announcement that former Hong Kong bookseller Gui Minhai has been convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison in China for “illegally providing intelligence to foreign entities”, Amnesty International’s China Researcher Patrick Poon said: “The deplorable verdict and...
Denmark Sexual Rights

Times Up for Europe’s dangerous and antiquated rape laws

Yesterday, Denmark’s new government, led by Mette Frederiksen’s Social Democrat party, published an 18-page manifesto outlining its ambitions for its first term in office. The paper – “A fair direction for Denmark’ – focuses primarily on policies to deal with climate crisis, housing, transport and...
Denmark Sexual Violence

Breaking the silence on my rape

A few weeks ago, an ordinary-looking man in a grey suit came on the television and said something which made me cry. The man was Danish Prime Minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen, announcing that his government would introduce new consent-based rape laws. To understand why the news of some legislation...