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Death sentences and executions 2021

This report covers the judicial use of the death penalty for the period January to December 2021. Amnesty International reports only on executions, death sentences and other aspects of the use of the death penalty, such as commutations and exonerations, where there is reasonable confirmation. In...
Europe and Central Asia International Organizations

Joint NGO response to the Standing Committee on the Rules of Court’s proposed insertion of a new Rule of Court 44F on the treatment of highly sensitive documents

Following a joint submission made in April 2018 in relation to a previous iteration (IOR 60/8245/2018), Amnesty International together with other four NGOs comments on a revised proposal by the European Court of Human Rights’ Standing Committee on the Rules of Court to amend the Court’s rules of...
Americas Unfair Trials

Venezuela: Venezuelan defenders face criminalisation

On 16 May 2022, recognised Venezuelan human rights defenders Marino Alvarado and Alfredo Infante received notification of a defamation lawsuit filed against them by the governor of Carabobo state, Rafael Lacava. The lawsuit comes as a response to a report published in March by the NGOs Alvarado and...