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Egypt Asylum

Egypt: Sudanese in Egypt risk detention and deportation

Since September 2023, the Egyptian authorities have carried out mass arrests of Sudanese refugees for entering or remaining in the country irregularly. Those arrested were held for periods ranging from a few days up to six weeks in cruel and inhuman conditions of detention, before being forcibly...
Afghanistan Censorship and Freedom of Expression

AFGHANISTAN: The Taliban’s involvement in what may constitute the crime against humanity of gender persecution: The UN Human Rights Council should take action to further accountability

Amnesty International welcomes the report by the UN Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights in Afghanistan and reiterates the need for a concerted approach by the international community to urgently address the Taliban’s “institutionalized system of discrimination, segregation,...

Universal Declaration of Human Rights quiz: Teacher instructions

These instructions are designed to accompany our quiz on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights available on the Kahoot! platform. They aim to deepen participants’ understanding of the UDHR, its historical significance, and the impact it has had on other global human rights laws and norms. While...

Freedom of Expression quiz: Teacher instructions

These instrucctions accompany our quiz on Freedom of Expression on the Kahoot! platform. The quiz is designed to deepen participants’ awareness of freedom of expression as a critical human rights issue. It highlights the significance of being able to express views freely and invites reflection on...