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Mexico: Government must fulfil pledge to end torture
9 July 2001

AI Index AMR 41/027/2001 - News Service Nr. 112. Embargoed for : 07/10/2001 05:01 AM GMT. Mexico: Government must ...

Press Release       AMR 41/027/2001

Americas: On the front line: Bulletin on Human Rights ...
30 June 2001

This particular bulletin is dedicated to the memory of human rights defenders Yolanda Cerón, killed on 19 September 2001, in Colombia and Digna Ochoa ...

Newsletter       AMR 01/010/2001

Mexico: Fear for safety
14 June 2001

Several members of two human rights organizations, Comité de Derechos Humanos Fray Pedro Lorenzo de la Nada and Enlace Comunicación y ...

Urgent Action       AMR 41/025/2001

Mexico: Torture cases - calling out for justice
6 June 2001

This document details eight different cases of torture and ill-treatment, many involving more than one victim. These cases are only a fraction of torture ...

Report       AMR 41/008/2001

Mexico: Torture/Unfair trial
4 June 2001

Three young men, Luis Manuel Hernandez, José Luis Castellanos and José Luis de la Torre, have reportedly been tortured in police custody. They are ...

Urgent Action       AMR 41/023/2001

Mexico: Time to end the injustice - release Rodolfo Montiel ...
16 May 2001

AI Index AMR 41/022/2001 - News Service Nr. 87. Embargoed for : 05/17/2001 02:00 PM GMT. Mexico: Time to end the ...

Press Release       AMR 41/022/2001

Mexico: Fear of torture/ill-treatment
5 April 2001

Amnesty International is concerned for the safety of 20 people, including one minor, who have been detained by Mexican soliders, during anti-drug raids ...

Urgent Action       AMR 41/018/2001

Mexico: Fear for safety:Saúl Gerardo SIFUENTES RAMIREZ
3 April 2001

Human rights defender Saúl Gerardo Sifuentes Ramírez and his family have been intimidated, only days after the organization he works for filed an official ...

Urgent Action       AMR 41/017/2001

Mexico: Death threats / Fear for safety
15 March 2001

Four policemen convicted of shooting dead Eduardo Torres Garcicrespo may shortly be released, and it is feared that they will try to take revenge on ...

Urgent Action       AMR 41/013/2001

Freedom from racial discrimination
9 March 2001

These ten leaflets highlight issues of racial discrimination: the death penalty in the USA;imprisonment, torture and ill-treatment of ethnic in Equatorial ...

Newsletter       IOR 41/003/2001