Call on Latin American and Caribbean governments to invest more and better in health

Getting into debt every time you or your family gets sick or you have to pay for a private hospital may be the difference between life and death and is not right.

Latin America and the Caribbean was the region most affected by the new coronavirus pandemic, accounting for 28% of global Covid-19 deaths despite being home to only 8% of the world’s population.

The region has also suffered the worst economic crisis and the greatest job losses, pushing 16 million people into extreme poverty.

This tragedy could have been avoided if the authorities had put people’s lives first. Instead, they pursued policies that ran down our public health systems and perpetuated extreme inequality. The pandemic has shown that our authorities take decisions that are a matter of life and death.

Now we have the opportunity to build a fair and equal system, one that can save the lives of millions of people.

Sign this petition and ask your government:

1. To invest at least 6% of its Gross Domestic Product in public health care.

2. To ensure these resources reach the most disadvantaged groups, such as Indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples, and people living in poverty or without social protection.

3. To tax the wealthy more heavily in order to fund health care.

Health cannot wait!