El Salvador: Thousands of people detained arbitrarily and in extreme conditions.

In El Salvador, more than 35,000 people have been detained in less than three months, and the human rights of the population are seriously under threat. Sign the petition and demand that President Nayib Bukele respects human rights. 

Salvadoran authorities have committed widespread human rights violations under an emergency regime, imposed on 27 March, and extended twice, supposedly as a measure to punish gangs. 

In Ilopango, a municipality of San Salvador, two cousins, aged 14 and 15, were arrested on 26 April while playing outside their home. Their families reported that police officers accused them of having the “face of thugs”, without giving further justification for their detention. Since then their mothers have had no contact with them. This is just one of many cases.

Amnesty International has found evidence that people are being detained simply for having tattoos, previous criminal charges, or for living in poor and marginalized neighborhoods affected by gang violence. Detainees have no access to effective legal defense and are being held in inhumane conditions.

In recent months, thousands of people have been arbitrarily detained, and deaths in state custody are increasing every day.

Take action so that Salvadoran families can live free from threats, torture, ill-treatment, and repression. Sign the petition and demand that President Nayib Bukele guarantee their rights.