Protect Maria, Jani, Joel and Danelly.

All over the world, pollution is increasing and natural resources are running out.

Colombia is the second most mega-biodiverse country in the world and is home to the Amazon, which makes up almost 40% of its territory. At the same time, it is the most dangerous country for those who defend our environment.

María, Jani, Joel, and Danelly are brave people who, together with their Indigenous, campesino and black communities, have been the voices and protectors of our environment and natural resources in Colombia. In a country where the attacks that they suffer from usually go unpunished and in which no authorities can guarantee their safety, they are forced to risk their life on a daily basis to defend the water, oxygen, and food that we all depend on to live.

But we still have time to protect them. The Colombian Congress has the power to monitor that human rights defenders have the guarantees necessary to continue protecting the environment. 

Protecting those who protect our environment is the only option we have for our families and friends to live in a better world.

It is time to take action. Sign this action and call on the Colombian Congress to guarantee their safety and protection.