Protect health and essential workers on the frontline of the covid-19 response

Health and essential workers are central to the Covid-19 pandemic response. Their work is vital to ensure we can all access the care and services we need. They are putting their health and well-being at risk, working often in very difficult circumstances and with very little support.  The time to ensure that health and essential workers are adequately protected is now – join the promise and help us care for them!  

To all health and essential workers:    

I promise to care for you and demand accountability from my government for failing to protect your rights.  

I promise to care for you and support your demands for safe and fair working conditions.  

I promise to care for you and demand that your employer provides you with adequate personal protective equipment.  

I promise to care for you and defend your right to speak up about your health and safety concerns and working conditions without fear of retaliation. 

I promise to take care for you and to speak out against discrimination, stigma and violence you might have suffered because of the work you do.   

I promise to take care of you, with the utmost respect for your work, and I promise not to take any action that goes against your rights.  

I promise to take care of you and demand that my government learns lessons from this pandemic so that they provide you with remedy and do not fail you again in the future.  

Make your promise count. Call on your government to protect health and essential workers’ human rights at any opportunity you may have!