Tell Meta to pay reparations to Rohingya people

Rohingya youth are fighting for reparations after Meta allowed hatred and discrimination to thrive on the Facebook platform. Support them in their demands. Sign the petition today.

What’s the problem?

700.000 Rohingya became refugees after fleeing extreme violence and crimes against humanity during a campaign of ethnic cleansing by Myanmar’s military. Meta (then Facebook) contributed to violence and discrimination by spreading and amplifying anti-Rohingya content through its platform.

However, the billion-dollar company has refused all requests from the Rohingya for providing meaningful remedy. Now, a group of Rohingya youth in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, have filed a human rights complaint against Facebook in the USA for its role in the abuses perpetrated against their community. They have asked for an investment of $1 million USD for educational projects in the refugee camp.

A group of Rohingya youth filed a human rights complaint against Meta for its role in the abuses committed against their community. They demanded a $1 million investment for educational projects in their refugee camps. Meta is a multi-billion dollar company but refuses to pay for the terrible harm done to the Rohingya community through its platform.

Now we have an opportunity for their voices to be heard at Meta’s shareholder meeting in mid-May. The company can help the community to move forward by giving them reparations, apologizing, and making changes to its business model to ensure it does not happen again.

The countdown is on. With your signature, we will make a collective demand for Meta to mend its ways and pay reparations to the Rohingya. With enough global pressure, we can hold them accountable.

What you can do to help

Sign and share the petition to demand that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg agrees to the Rohingya community’s reparations now.