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End the violence in Occupied Palestinian Territories

The US must urge Israel to address root causes and stop cycle of impunity. Join people around the world calling for an end to the cycles of violations and injustice.

Unless the world presses Israel to address root causes like the illegal blockade of Gaza, impunity & longstanding dispossession and oppression of Palestinians, it is likely there will be another round of civilian deaths & destruction.

Days of deadly hostilities that began in May escalated to similar patterns reminiscent to the horrific hostilities from 2008, 2012, and 2014. Civilians bear the brunt of this suffering, with massive death and destruction in Gaza. Israel has a deplorable record of unlawful killing and injuring of thousands of civilians, displacing tens of thousands and destroying homes, businesses and infrastructure. These violations include war crimes and crimes against humanity. Palestinian armed groups have also committed some violations of international humanitarian law, including war crimes, with impunity.

Palestinians’ experience of systemic discrimination, dispossession and displacement is at the root of the ongoing violations we see today.  In Gaza, Israel is collectively punishing 2 million Palestinians, who have been  living under an illegal blockade for the past 14 years. Israel has the power and the legal obligation to lift the blockade and let people in Gaza enjoy their rights, end forced evictions and house demolitions, stop illegal settlements, and protect civilians.

Right now Palestinians everywhere, including in the East Jerusalem neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah are asking the world to pressure Israel to halt the forced evictions in their neighbourhood and end the ongoing forced displacement of Palestinians.

The international community, especially Israel’s close allies like the USA, have a responsibility to pressure Israel to end and redress its systematic violations against Palestinians.

We must increase international pressure to make this happen! Without addressing root causes the cycle will continue.